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Green Hive x QWERT Poetry

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

At last QWERT Poetry will join forces with an A T E L I E R in Union City. (Peep Norman Rockwell's studio here for some inspiration.)

In interest of continuing to serve custom poetry throughout the colder months within this eastern bubble, regular open-studio hours will be set and published on this site as well as on my Instagram @qwertpoetry.

Find Green Hive Atelier at 102 45th Street, just a door down from the popular Cortadito's. The left wall features eight framed poems for sale you won't find at any events or popups. For the first time, QWERT Poetry will also be organizing clubs and gatherings for those who fancy the written word.

The Hive is an enchanting shared space. Find work from local artists, a respite from the Giant Corporate Butterfly to rest in the comfy chairs of "a Renaissance in 300 square feet". Dedicated to the Arts, Green Hive describes their mission as such on their site:

"We are a community of cutting edge artists dedicated to leading & exposing the public to new ideas. We are an accepting and safe space where artist feel free to express themselves, hone their craft & continue to push further into the future"

Follow @greenhivestudio on Instagram to keep your finger on the Hudson county arts scene pulse. Check out more about their story or book with them here.

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