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How to Get Rich Writing Poetry

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

It is easy and convenient to dismiss sentimental things as negligible. It's also easy to miss the mark.

This is an introduction to more elaborate community-based ventures in poetry.

The more invested I become in poetry the more I see its usefulness, its capacity, and the more I need to become involved. One of my main intentions with poetry is to gain mastery over the craft of composing it, performing it, and understanding it.

There comes a time, or rather a threshold at which we need to be decisive. This moment for me is to fully invest myself in my communities via poetry. One of the major steps is to generate workshops and programs that embed the following notions into their fabric:

  1. Poetry is rap music. The ingenuity and wittiness in rap is addictive and transcends to listeners of all walks of life.

  2. Poetry is written by all people. I can keep tally of this when I write for people and the number always pleasantly surprises me. Generally we write in private as a natural means of expressing our human condition via the creative and inventiveness of language (which is what we do with language when we speak to one another/work/make jokes, etc.)

  3. Poetry is not inaccessible. When we are engaged in the process of writing a poem, it is about us and from us so we see ourselves in it. All poems written upon request are accessible because they include details that are meaningful to the requester.

  4. Poetry can be a vehicle of language acquisition. This is true for English language learners and students of any language.

  5. Poetry is a mainstay in our modern society. Poetry has a historical place in society in music, in politics, in romance, and in children's stories.

  6. Poetry can make you better at other things. This is true like with other crafts, whether your profession involves marketing or parenting. You can become a better advertiser by creating catchier content and speak to people's hearts. Learning how to explore language with your children is crucial to their development and connection to you.

Check back in soon for more on this as these developments mature.

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