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Consider It A Little Living Room for Poetry Hour

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Here you can read posts on the poetry projects Pierce participates in, all things poetry books, takeaways from particular events, and requests from/for the poetry community.

An all around space to promote, adore, and study a life dedicated to poetry.

Consider it a little living room for poetry hour.



I am growing. On Wednesday, August 30 I performed a memorized piece at WAYE (We Appreciate Your Enthusiasm) in the Palisades. Actually, I caught the eyes of too many and lost my poem. I picked it up again and again, and eventually finished, wearing a very thick Keith Haring robe.

I learned that a "soft gaze" toward the audience is ideal for performing, especially for a new piece. Oops.

I am proud of myself, for branching out and trying something I had been mulling over in my soul for some time. It was a powerful piece and it touched many. My name was on a tiny sidewalk chalkboard. The man of the hour.

Stay tuned for another performance of "I've Been Here Before" at another venue.

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