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~Includes Shipping cost before tax

~Please include

-Paper choice 

-Wax seal color choice 

-Frame choice 

-Subject and details 


Example 1: My subject is Movement - Movement to me is a natural expression of existance. I am a dancer and I feel like myself and connected through movement. Even the people closest to me don't know, but I dance ceremoniously every time I let the water run to warm it up to shower. 


Example 2: My subject is my husband Dan. Dan and I have been married for 10 years. We met at a Journey concert, one of our all-time favorite bands. Some things we do together are cook, talk long walks at the nearby preservation, read stories to our two girls, and watch The Sopranos


2 - Paper: Tan, Off-White, Light Grey, Beige, Black, Dark Grey, Dark Brown, Medium Grey, Teal, Light Brown

3 - Florentine Wax Collection: deep purple, burnt orange, crimson, silver, rust

4 - El Greco Wax Collection: mustard, baby blue, bronze, mint, white

5 - Royal Wax Collection: gold, black, navy, forest green, red

6 - Pastel Wax Collection: aquamarine, baby blue (same as in 'El Greco'), cream, orange, purple

7 - Medium light brown frame

8 - Small grey frame

9 - Large black frame  

10 - Large grey frame 

11 - Large rustic frame

12 - Medium gold and brown frame 

13 - Small black frame

Framed Custom Typewritten Poem

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$16.00every month until canceled
  • Dimensions: Each poem is 4.25"X5.5"

    Color: Typed onto eggshell paper

    Wax seal: Only one seal per poem in only one color choice

    Frame: Frames differ only in border width but are all 4"X6" at disply. 

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