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This machince is ultra-portable and light-weight. The chrome body makes it striking to look at and gives a retro aesthetic that could be perfect for an art deco-inspired party or theme. The keyboard is very easy to use and ideal for first-time typewriter users who are not accustomed to the 'it's-all-in-the-wrist'-ness of working with these machines.


Rental periods are as follows: 


Single day rental (up to 24 hours)

One week rental

Two weeks rental

One month rental 


*For rentals longer than one month, message me at the Contact Me page. 


-All renters must sign an agreement for rental terms. Each day a machine is kept past the due return date, you are subject to a $50 charge.


-Renters are subject to fees for any damage, theft, or misplacement of the machine.


-View the video received via email on instructions how to unload and load the machine. 

Hermes Baby Typewriter Rental

Excluding Sales Tax
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