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This machince is an antique! Made in the 30s by Remington, the first ever manufacturer to produce mass-market typewriters, this machine is a treat to write on, the keyboard is sturdy and fluid to write on but the carriage (where the paper goes) is on the delicate side. It is striking to look at, and would look good on any desk as a prop, and is lovely to write simple notes on. 


Rental periods are as follows: 


Single day rental (up to 24 hours)

One week rental

Two weeks rental

One month rental 


*For rentals longer than one month, message me at the Contact Me page. 


-All renters must sign an agreement for rental terms. Each day a machine is kept past the due return date, you are subject to a $50 charge.


-Renters are subject to fees for any damage, theft, or misplacement of the machine.


-View the video received via email on instructions how to unload and load the machine. 

Remington Junior Typewriter Rental

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Must sign and return agreement before rental is secured.

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