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Pierce Logan

Event Typewriter Poet 


QWERT Poetry is a poetry experience. 

In the age of "immersive experiences" QWERT stands out. You will take home a custom gift composed on a typewriter that will melt your heart, bring you to tears, or leave you overjoyed -- that's the goal. Begin with a subject in mind; Pierce will ask you a series of questions to dig deeper, unlock the reason for your request (like going to the doctor), type it out for 5ish minutes, stamp it with wax in the color of your choice, then read it to you, offering a frame. 

Established in 2015


NYC Poetry Festival (NYC)

Espaço Zero (Brazil)

Puffin Poetry Fest at Puffin Cultural Arts Forum (NJ) 

HumanScale Private Event (NYC)

SouthNext (NJ)

Arts Unbound Art Bender (NJ) 

ArtSee at Rose Farms (NJ) 

Flemington DIY (NJ)

Punk Flea at Fleetwood’s (NC)

The Book House Valentine’s Day (NJ)

The Book House Mother's Day (NJ)

Eco Art Show (NJ) 

Astor Place Poetry Jam (NYC)

Dark Side of The Con (NJ)

Gilt & Fanfare (NY)

Girls' Night Out Collab with Millburn (NJ)

and many more


Green Hive Atelier

Field Colony 


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